iBrostep + Dakota Remix Competition [WINNERS]

Well, It's been a month, and we are finally ready to announce our winners.

First of all, on behalf of iBrostep and Dakota thank you all for making this such a hard decision. When we teamed up with Dakota and decided to host this competition we did not expect the feedback we did. We received 31 total submissions, and narrowing it down to the best 15 was nearly impossible. I was losing sleep narrowing it down to the best 3. I knew that Dakota and I would need some help, so we recruited the help of some great blogs like Young Girl Party and The Dankles to help us narrow down the choices. We based our judging off of, originality, creativity and use of stems.

Please believe me when I say, this was not an easy choice. We didn't want to make this contest one of the many "Get the most facebook likes, and you win our prizes contest." We really took a lot of time listening to them all, slowly knocking some off the list. If you didn't win, please do not let that discourage you. keep making music, keep sending it to us. As much as we love to host big names on this website, we love being able to post music that our readers create.

Without further ado,  here our are winners

In 3rd place, Llulagan


Valorous is our runner-up


And our grand prize winner is Wali Finkbeiner, all the way from Argentina


Thank you all so much for making this competition a success for Dakota and I. iBrostep hopes to be a part of more remix competitions. Thank you all for showing me what you guys can do. Keep creating music, keep sending us music. We love you.

Winners will be notified via E-mail.


We love you

-iBrostep and Dakota


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