Watch The Duck- Poppin’ Off

The hottest new thing to come into Atlanta is about to be popping up everywhere after their video for their debut single, "Poppin' Off" went Viral.

I promise this will be the freshest track you hear all day. Coming hot out of Atlanta are newcomers, Watch The Duck. The four piece crew (Don't forget the duck) have crafted a brand new sound that some are calling soul-step. They blend together soulful lyrics with mind-shattering dubstep elements. The entire song is a trip through different elements of a handful of genres. Recently winning MTV's freshman competition, these guys have nowhere to go but up, already having conquered the Atlanta area with insane house parties that quickly turned into venue residencies.

Always remember to , Watch.The.Duck.

Check out their video for their debut single below, and keep an eye out for their Debut EP. If you can't wait for that, you can check out their Rub-A-Dub mixtape HERE.


Watch The Duck

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-Nick Isasi



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